Having a panic attack/flashbacks while high is not fun.

And I’m alone and upset and I just needed to tell someone.

I’m trying so hard to like where I’m at, but everything here is so stagnant and nothing changes.

proof we exist!

kitty coloring time

i feel like my depression is getting worse and worse with all these realizations i’m having

I can’t wait to own a house. I want awesome patio furniture, a pool, and a room for all our music/recording equipment.

here’s my face.

i hate when i open up and you say nothing

i want more tattoos, my skin is so bare

i still have those little thoughts every now and again

You guys, I have sharks in my engagement pictures.

And here┬áis the lovely photographer’s (who is also one of my best friends) instagram!

no one will read this, but that’s okay.

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